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About the Institute of Hungarian Children’s Literature


The Institute of Hungarian Children’s Literature is committed to spread and care about the classical and contemprorary, national and international treasures of children’s literature.

We find it important to collaborate with the representatives of the Hungarian children’s literature within and beyond the borders.

Furthermore, we find it important that our activities would go beyond the litarary circles, and reach schools and libraries and would get a major role in the public education and in the wider aspects of cultural affairs.


Therefore the main objectives of the institute are:

–  to provide information to the target audience of children’s literature;

–  to preserve and show the important works of children’s literature with interactive exhibitions, and draw attention on the disappearing values of this field;

–  by creating literary and professional databases providing informations to parents, teachers and transmitters of culture;

–  to reach, create and use the communication channels supporting the aims of the institute;

–  to have direct contact to children; – to take an integrating role between organizations dedicated to children’s books;

–  organizing trainings, workshops, conferences for teachers and librarians to help orientation and to get to know best practises;

–  publishing the periodical Csodaceruza.


After the appropriate developments the Institute of Hungarian Children’s Literature plans to take care of four major tasks:

1. Documentation – Bibliography

–  Collecting theoretical works in Hungarian language;

–  Collecting theoretical works in foreign languages;

–  Collecting children’s periodicals in Hungarian language;

–  Collecting children’s periodicals in foreign languages.

2. Research

–  Organizing conferences and round-table talks;

–  Keeping contact with international children’s literary organizations, libraries;

–  Setting up and keeping an up-to-date database of professional experts; mediation of experts.

3. Providing information

about the classical and contemprorary Hungarian children’s literature, its authors and their works to:

–  researchers;

–  university students;

–  schools, teachers;

–  cultural institutions;

–  and to all the interested parties.

4. Teaching and education:

–  Promoting lectures to all ages about the topic;

–  Organizing exhibitions and showcases to schol groups;

–  Meeting authors, where they talk about their processes of creation.

By establishing the Institute of  Hungarian Children’s Literature we expect a growing interest (and expectation) towards children’s culture.



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